Pharo Primary School, Assosa

Welcome Note

Welcome to The Pharo Primary School, Assosa. As Head of the school, I am passionate about making a tangible impact by providing access to quality education. We aim to create an environment where all students realize their full potential. We are rigorously working on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), to boost students’ creative thinking ability and instil a passion for innovation. Additionally, at the Pharo Primary School, Assosa, we are empowering the students to have a good command of the English language. We have created a conducive, safe, and peaceful learning environment where all learners feel content. We are also working hard to enhance students’ discipline and positive mannerisms. I invite you to visit our school to see all the wonderful things happening here at the Pharo Primary Assosa.

Tesfaye Shewarega Tiraga

Head of School, Pharo Primary, Assosa


Pharo Primary School Assosa is a private school funded by The Pharo Foundation. The School is at Primary Level (1-4) and was established in October 2020 in Assosa City, Benishangul Gumuz Regional State. It was mainly established to increase access to education, and enhance the quality of education in the area. The school’s vision is to create a high-quality learning environment where all learners realise their full potential. The school started with 166 students from grades 1-4 who joined by passing the standardised entrance exam. The students who come from various ethnic groups and educational backgrounds face zero discrimination at our school.

At the Pharo Primary School, we have highly qualified teachers as per the ministry of education standards, a well-equipped ICT laboratory, a pedagogical centre, and an exhaustive library, all of which support access to technology and learning. This has created a conducive environment for students to achieve their academic goals. Through a culture of hard work fostered by the management and teachers, our students have achieved promising results propelling the school to become the number one choice for the community.

In the academic year 2021/22, the school upgraded its services and expanded its grades from 5-9. Over 350 students were registered and they all successfully completed the academic year. Our future plan is to expand our services in all dimensions. Additionally, we hope to open a secondary school within our own campus as we aspire to build a centre of excellence.