About us

We believe Investing in the knowledge and skills of its growing young generation is critical for Africa’s economic growth. We implement standalone and integrated education projects that are aimed at improving access to and quality of education.

Pharo Schools

Pharo Foundation runs six Pharo Schools in Somaliland and Ethiopia serving over 1,800 students ranging from kindergarten, primary, secondary and vocational training. Additionally, the Foundation runs 15 Early Childhood Education (ECE) centres in Hargeisa all within public schools, and an additional 3 in Berbera, Somaliland. The Foundation has also implemented the same ECE model in over 11 schools in Ethiopia to help set a solid academic foundation. Pharo Schools are centres of excellence offering top-quality education, and integration of extra-curricular activities to ensure an all-rounded approach.

Pharo Schools follow their respective countries’ national curriculums, as well as select regional and international ones, to ensure our students are competitive. The academic structure is complimented by reading materials and creative technology-based learning solutions. Our schools offer a child-friendly learning environment fostering equality and respect. We strive to ensure all our students realise their full potential.


Our Alumni Network

The alumni network seeks to play a significant role in society through giving back in various ways such as mentoring, sponsorships, training, participation in key activities, and sharing of skills and knowledge.

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