The school admission policy relies solely on the performance of a student irrespective of their religion,  and ethnic background.

  1. Parents/guardians should fill out the Admission Application Form.
  2. Students should pass the entrance exam.
  3. Parents/guardians should read, understand and accept all the rules of the school before they sign the Admission Form.
  4. Payment must be cleared before the students can join the school.
    Passing Entry Assessment
    Fill out the Admission Form
    Submit all the required documents

    Fee Schedule

    Grade Amount
    Grade 1-6 550 ETB per month
    Grade 7, 8 & 9 650 ETB per month
    New coming student’s registration fee 150 ETB
    Existing student registration fee 100 ETB

    Term Dates

    The academic year is divided into four terms. The school follows the regional and national academic calendar. The school term begins in September and ends in July.

    Number of students

    Number of teachers

    Number of admin staff