In the 2022/2023 academic year Pharo Primary School will start using the Pearson Edexcel International Primary curriculum and Somaliland curriculum. The Pearson curriculum will be used from grades 1 – 6 while grades 7 – 8 will use the Kenyan curriculum which will be phased out in the next 2 academic years. Our merged curriculum begins with reading and advances to critical thinking and problem-solving in later grades. We incorporate cultural values in the curriculum while providing basic computer programming, and creative art skills. The school gives equal importance to all languages ensuring students can read, write, and communicate properly in English, Somali, and Arabic.

Curriculum Implementation

All of our teachers specialise in different subject areas and continuously receive training to update their skills. Our teaching and learning practises are based on a student-centred approach. 





Science (G4 – G8)

Environmental and Hygiene (G1 – G3)
Computer (G1 – G8)
Social Studies
Physical Health Education
Design & Arts
Islamic Studies
Qur’an memorization (lower & upper)